How To Market Interior Design Services

Dorothy Draper 

Ever since the days Dorothy Draper graced us with her talents, interior design professionals have sought out new clients in two ways, personal referrals and print advertising. Well, the world has changed since the 1930's. Content marketing, cloud based software and online services like Houzz have made it faster and less costly to meet the perfect clients. The problem most interior designers have marketing their services is knowing where to devote a limited budget and their valuable time.

Let's Start With What We Are Not Going To Help You With

We're fans of interior design but it is not what we do. We don't offer classes in fabric trends, color theory, kitchen layout or REVITT. We trust that you know your business and your market.  

Here's What We Do. - Interior Design Marketing Education. Only.

We've been doing this a long time... website design, marketing and advertising that is. We have twenty plus years of helping people find the ideal clients online.  Add to it a dozen years of teaching the arts and marketing to BFA majors and we know its a combination that works. We've helped our clients increase sales dramatically by attracting the right leads.  Learn how we do it.

About Lisa Ellington

Lisa Ellington has been helping clients by creating highly functional websites since 1996.  Though the websites are aesthetically beautiful they're intended to do much more than be online calling cards. Consequently she provides websites with software tools that generate leads through email marketing, SEO, blogging, and targeted offers using the inbound marketing strategy.  Attractive websites, content and all in one marketing software is a proven methodology for increasing website visitors and converting them into sales.  Lisa creates websites and marketing plans that provide a proven return on investment for a variety of clients throughout the United States, Canada and Australia. View Lisa's work at

About Michael Conway

Following a career as an architectural photographer, Associate Professor and a marketing specialist for a prominent marketing agency that represented large banks, hospitals and national consumer brands. Conway’s artistic eye and tech savvy have helped his clients establish solid branding and successful marketing strategies for both traditional media and online.

Michael provides marketing services to built environment companies, such as architects; interior designers and design build professionals. He helps clients attract customers not only through traditional marketing strategies, but also by using brand positioning and content marketing strategies to create a sense of place and a desire for the service or product unique to each business.  View Michael's work on